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Recent News

Jul 26 2016 | Posted In: Staff
As the investigation into the recent coup attempt in Turkey continues to unfold, Associate Director Burcak Keskin-Kozat provides context for what she has described as a “socio-political implosion.”
Jun 1 2016 | Posted In: Students
We are delighted to support 6 undergraduate and 8 graduate students on their summer journey this year.
May 31 2016 | Posted In: Faculty, Students
Please join us in congratulating our faculty, student, and staff affiliates for their academic and professional accomplishments. If you have any news to share with our community, please fill out this form. 
Apr 21 2016 | Stanford News | Posted In: Faculty
Our Faculty Director, Prof. Robert Crews was interviewed by Stanford News about his recent book on Afghanistan and U.S. intervention. 
Apr 13 2016 | Democracy Now! | Posted In: Faculty
Watch our Faculty Director, Prof Robert Crews' interview with Democracy Now's Amy Goodman on America's Afghan Refugee Crisis.