2010 Conference Agenda: Workshop on Alienated Nations, Fractured States: Afghanistan and Pakistan

9:00 – 10:30 am: Border Crossings

Parna Sengupta (Moderator)

Stanford University

Amin Tarzi

“Yaghistan Revisited: The Struggle for Domination of Afghan-Pakistan Borderlands”

Marine Corps University

James Caron

“Divisive Hegemonies and Interlinked Publics: Case Studies of Religious Scholarship and Social Awareness in Afghanistan and the North West Frontier Province, 1930-2008”

University of Pennsylvania

Jamal Elias

“Identity, Modernity and Meaning in Pushtun and Punjabi Truck Decoration”

University of Pennsylvania

11 am- 12:30 pm: Molding Minds and Bodies

Steve Stedman (Moderator)

Stanford University

Tahir Andrabi

“Religious Schooling in Pakistan and its Relation to Other Schooling Options: A Disaggregated Analysis”

Pomona College

Farzana Shaikh

“Will the ‘right’ kind of Islam save Pakistan?: The Sufi Antidote”

Royal Institute of International Affairs- Chatham House

Fariba Nawa

"Opium Nation"


2:00- 4:00 pm: Nations, Tribes, and Others

Aishwary Kumar (Moderator)

Stanford University

Gilles Dorronsoro

“Religious, Political and Tribal Networks in the Afghan War”

The Carnegie Endowment

Shah Mahmoud Hanifi

“Epistemological Quandaries of the Afghan Nation: Mobility, Territoriality and The Other”

James Madison University

Thomas Ruttig

“How Tribal Are the Taleban?”

Afghanistan Analysts Network, Berlin/Kabul

Lutz Rzehak

“Diversity and Dynamics of Ethnic identities in Afghanistan: The case of The Baloch”

Humboldt University