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2009 Conference Agenda: Workshop on Evidence for he Early History of the Quran

Thursday July 30, 2009: Editing and Textual Criticism of Early Manuscripts
“The San ‘ā’ palimpsest : Introductory remarks to philological and literay aspects”
Centre national de la recherche scientifique
“A Non-‘Uthmānic Qur’ānic Manuscript from Early Seventh (First) Century and Its Relation to the Recensions of ‘Uthmān and the Prophet”
Stanford University
Epigraphy, Paleography, and Art History
“Epigraphic Texts from Arabia and the Qur’ān: Some Indirect Lights”
Centre national de la Recherche scientifique
Transcribing the Qur’ān in Umayyad Times: A Preliminary Investigation”
Ecole Pratique des Hautes Études
“Decoration in early Qur’ān Manuscripts: Possible non-Muslim Manuscript Analogues and The Problem of Dating”
University of Delaware
“Mosaics and Manuscripts”
Boston College & Virginia Commonwealth University
Friday July 31, 2009: Early Muslim Reports (Qirā’āt) and Manuscripts
“Gotthelf Bergsträßer and His Vision of a Corpus Coranicum for the Study of a Textual History of the Qur’ān”
“Orality, Literacy and the “Seven Aḥruf” Ḥadīth”
University of Cape Town
Textual Studies
“The Dynamics of the Qur’ānic Discourse: Tradition and Redaction”
Sogang University
“Conjectural Emendation and Anomalies in the Qur’ānic Text”
Emory University
“The Qur’ān as a Late Antique Text: The Emergence of a New Religion in the Mirror of the Qur’ānic textual shape”
Freie Universität Berlin & Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften
“Stylistic Evidence for the Relative Chronology of Qur’ānic Passages: Most Frequent Morphemes, Infrequent Words, and Verse Length”
Stanford University