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Exploring Islam and Its Contexts

Enhancing public understanding of Islam and Muslims across the globe

We serve the public and educators through our support of public lectures, artistic performances, exhibitions, and resources for K-12 teachers and students.

A podcast about how people engage with Islam today.

Islam in America Lecture Series

"Akbar's Tomb" in Agra, India 

"Eternal Light of a Spotless Space"  in Istanbul, Turkey by Ugur Pece

"Jama Masjid" in Fatehpur Sikri, India by Steve Johnson 

"Casablanca, Morroco" by Claudia Dodge 

"Man and his goat" in Comoros by David Lee


"Light and Water" in Rhodes, Greece by Ugur Zekeria Pece

"Recess in the Jordan Valley" in Jordan by Scott Williamson