Conferences and Workshops

Photo for Persian Poetics Workshop

Workshop on Persian Poetics (2020)

At the interface of Self and Other, what theories of the lyric subject are elaborated in Persian literature, both medieval and modern? What are the philosophical foundations underlying discussions of poetic practice and how do these practices in turn affect our understanding of an individual poetics? Is there a point where poetics turns into ethics? And how do we, as members of the Western academy, justify our critical practice with regard to a tradition to which we are, in essence, peripheral?

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Islam, Objects, and Everyday Life (2019)

Poster for Transform Conference

Trans;form: Comparative Literature with Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Urdu (2018)

Quality of Governance: Muslim Societies in Comparative Perspective (2018)

Understanding Turkey: Vision, Revision, and the Future (2017)

AALIMS Conference On Political Economy of Islam and Muslim Societies (2016)

The Middle East, North Africa and the World 1907 - 2008 (2015)

Beyond the Islamic Public Sphere in Africa (2014)

Image as Animation: Mysticism, Magic, and Poetry in Byzantine Christian & Islamic Religious Experience (2013)

AALIMS Conference on Economic and Political Development of the Muslim World (2012)

Language, Literacy and the Social Construction of Authority in Islamic Societies (2011)

Alienated Nations, Fractured States: Afghanistan and Pakistan (2010)

Evidence for the Early History of the Quran (2009)