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Feb 18 2015 | Posted In: Faculty
Abbasi Program faculty members Alexander Key, Khaled Obeid and Saleem Aweiss will teach an intensive Arabic immersion course as part of the 2015 Sophomore College at Stanford. 
Apr 16 2014 | The Stanford Daily
Award Winning novelist Mohsin Hamid visited Stanford to discuss the importance of an international perspective. The Stanford Humanities Center published an article about his visit to the Abbasi Program .
May 28 2013 | The Stanford Daily
Ryan Crocker, a former six-time U.S. Ambaassador sat down with the Stanford Daily for an interview. 
Scholars engage with the ways top world religions relate to democracy. Read the articles below for more information.   Faith and Democracy  Top world religions intertwine with democracy differently, profs say
Oct 20 2011 | The Stanford Daily
Gilbert Achar (SOAS University of London) visited Stanford to discuss the 2011 uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa.