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Ottoman and Turkey Encounters

OTES – Ottoman and Turkey Encounters @ Stanford – houses series of events that foster diverse, critical engagements with contemporary Turkey and the Ottoman world. Our innovative activities take the potential embedded in the word “encounter” seriously. OTES strives to radically rethink the relationships between intellectual work, public engagement, and action in our encounters with scholars, writers, activists, and artists whose work turn on issues central to understanding Turkey and the Ottoman world. 

Stanford faculty and students, invited speakers and performers do not study the Ottoman world nor contemporary Turkey from the sidelines, but rather actively contribute to processes of engaging complex historical experiences through our research, teaching, writing, outreach, and public engagement. 

OTES stands as a center of cutting-edge dialogue about Ottoman and Turkish topics globally. We aim to change the tone and norms for approaching topics and problems of contemporary Turkey and Ottoman historiography. In our research, education, outreach, and open encounters, we ask challenging questions and cultivate new approaches to better understand Ottoman and Turkish issues. 

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