Our Mission

The Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies is the central forum for the study of Islam and Muslim societies at Stanford University

We have three goals that focus on research, teaching, and public outreach:

  1. We support interdisciplinary research and scholarship on Islamic cultures and societies across the globe.  Working within and across academic disciplines and world regions, our affiliates explore the religion of Islam in all of its internal complexity and in diverse social and cultural contexts.  We host lectures and conferences that advance scholarship in the field and support undergraduate and graduate student research.
  2. We coordinate and promote interdisciplinary coursework in the field of Islamic Studies. To enrich Stanford students’ exposure to the study of Islam at all levels, we support the academic pursuits of undergraduates and graduates and administer student grants for fieldwork, advanced language training and internships. For undergraduates seeking a Minor in Global Studies, we coordinate the specialization in Islamic Studies.
  3. We actively engage multiple audiences with the goal of deepening public understanding of Islam and Muslim societies.  Through our support for public lectures, artistic performances, exhibitions, and our online resources for K-12 teachers and students, we serve as a resource for the public and educators alike.