Past Grant Recipients

Below are the past recipients of Abbasi Program research and travel grants.  You can also find the field notes from students' projects and experiences here.

  • Hannah Yuh Watkins  (Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Dwight Miners Knightly (Master of Arts Student in International Policy)
  • Callum Alexander James Tresnan (Undergraduate, Comparative Literature)
  • Feyaad Allie (PH.D. Student in Political Science)
  • Nina Silvia Iskandarsjach (Undergraduate, Division of Literatures, Cultures & Languages; Undergraduate, Program in International Relations)
  • Emre Can Daglioglu (PH.D. Student in History)
  • Wallace Teska (Ph.D. Student, History)
  • Morgan Tufan (Ph.D. Student, History)
  • Feyaad Allie (Ph.D. Student, Political Science)
  • Ala' Alrababa'h (Ph.D. Student, Political Science)
  • Callum Tresnan (Sophomore, Comparative Literature)
  • Dwight Knightly (Freshman, International Relations)
  • Gabby Conforti (Sophomore, Political Science)
  • Miray Cakiroglu (Ph.D. Student, Anthropology)
  • Emilia Groupp (Ph.D. Student, Anthropology)
  • Sarah Thompson (Ph.D. Student, Political Science)
  • Feyaad Allie (Ph.D. Student, Political Science)
  • Seungah Lee (Ph.D. Student, Education)
  • Alp Akis (Sophomore, Undeclared)
  • Nesrine Mbarek (Junior, History)
  • Nathaniel Stuart (Junior, International Relations)
  • Ala' Alrababa'h (Ph.D. Student, Political Science)
  • Alexandra Blackman (Ph.D. Student, Political Science)
  • Alexandria Brown-Hedjazi (Ph.D. Student, Art & Art History)
  • Andrew Fitzgerald (Ph.D. Student, Communications)
  • Chun-Yu Wang (Ph.D. Student, Anthropology)
  • Daniel Muise (Ph.D. Student, Communication)
  • Mashail Malik (Ph.D. Student, Political Science
  • Morgan Tufan (Ph.D. Student, History)
  • Salma Mousa (Ph.D. Student, Political Science)
  • Isabelle Carpenter (Sophomore, International Relations)
  • Soraya Fereydooni (Sophomore, Biology)
  • Raleigh Browne (Junior, Classics)
  • Parsa Nowruzi (Junior, Anthropology)
  • Scott Williamson (Ph.D. Student, Political Science)
  • Basma Fahoum (Ph.D. Student, History)
  • Alaa Abdelgadir (Ph.D. Student, Political Science)
  • Kerem Ussakli (Ph.D. Student, Anthropology)
  • Nathan Hausman (Junior, History)
  • Parsa Nowruzi (Sophomore, Anthropology)
  • Eilaf Osman (Sophomore, International Relations)
  • Tanvir Akhtar Ahmed (Ph.D. Student, Religious Studies)
  • Anubha Anushree (Ph.D. Student, History)
  • Vincent Bauer (Ph.D. Student, Political Science)
  • Chelsea Burros (Sophomore, International Relations)
  • Andrew Fitzgerald (Ph.D. Student, Communications)
  • Paul Christians (Ph.D. Student, Anthropology)
  • Raveen Kumarasinghe (Frosh, Undeclared)
  • Alyssa Liew (Sophomore, Undeclared)
  • Mejgan Massoumi (Ph.D. Student, History)
  • Sabauon Nasseri (Ph.D. Student, History)
  • Tariq Patanam (Sophomore, Undeclared)
  • Lara Prior-Palmer (Junior, History)
  • Rachel Roberts (Sophomore, History)
  • Duygu Yildirim (Ph.D. Student, History)
  • Caroline Abadeer (Ph.D. Student, Political Science)
  • Ramah Awad (Junior, History)
  • Alexandra Blackman (Ph.D. Student, Political Science)
  • Madeleine Chang (Sophomore, Undeclared)
  • Diana Dakhallah (Ph.D. Student, Sociology)
  • Kerem Ussakli (Ph.D. Student, Anthropology)
  • Christiana Parreira (Ph.D. Student, Political Science)
  • Tesay Yusuf (Sophomore, Undeclared)
  • Madihah Akhter (Ph.D. Student, History)
  • Alexa Andaya (Sophomore, Political Science)
  • Alexandra Crerend (Sophomore)
  • Nisrin Elamin (Ph.D. Student, Anthropology)
  • Parwana Fayyaz (Junior, Comparative Literature)
  • David Gilbert (Ph.D. Student, Anthropology)
  • Rebecca Gruskin (Ph.D. Student, History)
  • Marlette Jackson (Ph.D. Student,  Political Science)
  • Michelle Kahn (Ph.D. Student, History)
  • Ali Karamustafa (Ph.D. Student, History)
  • Melissa Lee (Ph.D. Student, Political Science)
  • Alizabeth McGowan (Sophomore, CCSRE)
  • William Sherman (Ph.D. Student, Religious Studies)
  • Grace Zhou (Ph.D. Student, Anthropology)
  • Kristen Alff (Ph.D. Student, Department of History)
  • Ali Baqeri (Undergraduate Student, Undeclared)
  • Rebecca Gruskin (Ph.D. Student, Department of History)
  • Lina Ibrahim (Undergraduate Student, Undeclared) 
  • Ugur Zekeriya Pece (Ph.D. Student, Department of History)
  • Erin Pettigrew (Ph.D. Student, Department of History)
  • Megan Shutzer (M.A. Student, International Policy Studies)
  • Vladimir Troyansky (Ph.D. Student, Department of History)
  • Lauren Yapp (Ph.D. Student, Department of Anthropology)


  • Mohammad Ali (J.D. Student, Law School)
  • Catherine Baylin (J.D. Student, Law School & Ph.D. Student, Department of History)
  • Firat Bozcali (Ph.D. Student, Department of Anthropology)
  • Samil Can (Ph.D. Student, Department of Anthropology)
  • Yasemin Ipek Can (Ph.D. Student, Department of Anthropology)
  • Diana Dakhlallah (Ph.D. Student, Department of Sociology)
  • Kara Downey (Ph.D. Student, Department of Political Science)
  • William Fryer (Ph.D. Student, Department of Iberian and Latin American Cultures)
  • Allison Mickel (Ph.D. Student, Department of Anthropology)
  • Melina Platas (Ph.D. Student, Department of Political Science)
  • Fatoumata Seck (Ph.D. Student, Department of French and Italian)
  • Amanda Wetsel (Ph.D. Student, Department of Anthropology)
  • Michelle Moore Apotsos (Ph.D. Student, Art & Art History)
  • Jessica Chen (Ph.D. Student, Religious Studies)
  • Aisha Ghani (Ph.D. Student, Anthropology)
  • Maron Greenleaf (Ph.D. Student, Anthropology)
  • Brian Johnsrud (Ph.D. Student, Modern Thought and Literature)
  • Annette Mullaney (Ph.D. Student, Political Science)
  • Eda Pepi (Ph.D. Student, Anthropology)
  • Lauren Prather (Ph.D. Student, Political Science)
  • Yan Slobodkin (Ph.D. Student, History)
  • Elizabeth Spragins (Ph.D. Student, Iberian and Latin American Cultures)
  • Anna West (Ph.D. Student, Anthropology)
  • Lucy Alford (Ph.D. student, Comparative Literature)
  • Elizabeth Buckner (Ph.D. student, International and Comparative Education)
  • Helen Human (Ph.D. student, Anthropology)
  • Avital Livny (Ph.D. student, Political Science)
  • Ariela Marcus-Sells (Ph.D. student, Religious Studies)
  • Jonathan McMaster(Junior, Political Science)
  • Ian Simpson (Ph.D. student, Anthropology)
  • Maggie Sachs (Co-terminal M.A student in Religious Studies)
  • Karem Said (Ph.D. student, Anthropology)
  • Yan Slobodkin (Ph.D. student, History)
  • Jenna Rice (Ph.D. student, Anthropology)
  • Harley Adams (Junior, Art History)
  • Irys Kornbluth (Junior, Science & Technology)
  • AndrĂ© Zollinger (Junior, International Relations)
  • Zaid Adhami (Co-terminal M.A. student, Sociology)
  • Jessica Lilu Chen (PhD student, Religious Studies)
  • Megan Dean (Ph.D. student, History)
  • Corisande Fenwick (Ph.D. student, Cultural and Social Anthropology)
  • Rachel Gillum (Ph.D. student, Political Science)
  • Mohsen Goudarzi (M.A. student, Religious Studies)
  • David Kessler (Sophomore, History)
  • Nicholas Lund (Ph.D. student, History)
  • Alice Nam (Sophomore, Economics and Comparative Literature)
  • Ian Simpson (Ph.D. student, Anthropology)
  • Alexandra Kelly (Ph.D. student, Anthropology)
  • Trinidad Rico (Ph.D. student, Anthropology)
  • Kathryn Lafrenz Samuels (Ph.D. student, Anthropology)
  • Keren Weitzberg (Ph.D. student, History)
  • Tania Ahmad (Ph.D. student, Anthropology)
  • Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann (Ph.D. student, Anthropology)
  • Trinidad  Rico (Ph.D. student, Anthropology)
  • Margari Hill (Ph.D. student, Anthropology)
  • James Greenberg (Ph.D. student, Sociology)
  • Chelsea Barabas (Undergraduate Student, Undeclared)
  • Marisa Cramer (Undergraduate Student, Undeclared)
  • Kate Powell (Undergraduate Student, Undeclared)
  • Will Sherman (Undergraduate Student, Religious Studies)